Introducing the JusticeXpress -- A Law Store for the Self-Represented.

JusticeXpress is more than a legal forms website. Our goal is the identify and publish legal tools, information resources, and legal applications that people  can use to solve their legal problems by empowering them to represent themselves, saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.

A New Way to Solve Your Legal Problems

There are many kinds of legal problems that can be resolved by simply accessing legal information and using that legal information to create and file the correct legal form or document. Sometimes you will need legal advice and it would be wise to consult an attorney.

Often you will need just a little bit of legal advice to get you on the right track or path. Sometimes your legal problem is sufficiently complex that you will require the full services of an attorney. But you must able to afford these services, and the cost of these services is beyond the reach of most middle-class consumers. For certain kinds of legal problems retaining an attorney is well worth the cost as without legal representation you are unlikely to prevail. Matters that are litigated in a court, for example, require the special skills of attorney as the rules of evidence and procedure are complex and not easy to understand.

One way to think about this process is to consider these alternative ways of solving your legal problem.

  • First, see if legal information will resolve your problem. There are many sources of legal information on the Internet.
  • We offer from this Law Store fillable forms online and self-help law books with detailed instructions in paper format.
  • If you are a Florida resident, we offer legal document processing services supported by our team on legal technicians. See:
  • Sometimes a little bit of legal advice from a lawyer will get you on the right track. See if you can purchase just legal advice from an attorney who will solve your problem.
  • Your last step might be retaining a full-service attorney if the circumstances warrant full-service representation. Be prepared to spend a lot of money for full-service representation. Most lawyers are still billing by the hour and minimum hourly rates are $100.00 – $125.00 an hour at the low end and are often much higher.