Q. Are my forms immediately downloadable?

A. Yes. Immediately after purchase you will receive an email with a link. Click on the link and you can immediately download your purchase.

Q. I see that the download file is a .zip file. What does that mean?

A. A.zip file is like an envelope that consists of multiple files. When you download, you click on the file and it will "unzip" and you can place then in the folder of your choice on your local computer. Products that are in .zip file form usually contain multiple state specific files, a manual and other files.

Q. How do I open my form when it is in Adobe .pdf file format?

A. You must install the Adobe Acrobat Reader®

  1. You must have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader® program to your computer’s hard drive. (You may need to install this program via www.adobe.com.)
  2. Once the Acrobat Reader® program is open on your computer, click on FILE (in the upper left-hand corner of the upper taskbar). Then click on OPEN in the drop-down menu. Depending on which version of Windows or other operating system you are using, a box will open which will allow you to access files on your computer’s hard drive.

Q. How do I  Fill in Forms in the Adobe Acrobat Reader® Program

A:  Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

  1. Once you have opened the appropriate form in the Acrobat Reader® program, filling in the form is a simple process. A ‘hand tool’ icon will be your cursor in the Acrobat Reader® Move the ‘hand tool’ cursor to the first blank space that must be completed on the form. A vertical line or “I-beam” should begin the first space on a form you must fill in. You may then type the information in the space provided. When you have filled in the first blank space, hit the TAB key on your keyboard. This will move the ‘hand’ cursor to the next space which must be filled in. Some of the spaces in the forms must be completed by hand, specifically the signature blanks.
  2. Move through the form, completing each required space, and hitting TAB to move to the next space to be filled in. For information on the information required for each blank on the forms, please read the instructions in this book. When you have completed the fill-ins, you may print out the form on your computer’s printer. (Please note: hitting TAB after the last fill-in will return you to the first page of the form.)
  3. If you wish to save a completed form, save it with a new name for the file. This way will allow you to save the original form in its unchanged format for later use if necessary.