Justice Navigator Legal Information Service: How It Works

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a legal forms product from JusticeXpress, or you have already purchased one of our products, you get the added benefit of our unique Justice Navigator Service. This service is a text based service that can  provide you legal information, but not legal advice, about your purchase or prospective purchase.

The Difference Between Legal Information vs. Legal Advice:


  • Legal information is general in nature and not tailored to the unique facts of the individual’s situation.  
  • Legal information is neutral and does not recommend a strategic course based on the judgment of the individual offering the information. 
  • Similarly, legal information might inform an individual of forms that are appropriate to use and the general information about what to include in a statement of facts or a request for relief. 
  • Legal information is published information about the law and legal actions.
  • Legal information can include how to execute or file your document to make it legally valid.


  • Legal advice in contrast is specific to the unique circumstances of the inquirer.
  • Legal Advice is strategic in that it offers an approach that is tailored to the fact situation of the person requesting legal advice and goes beyond mere general advice appropriate for all persons who confront the same issue.
  • Legal advice can only be provided by an attorney who is a member of the bar in the state where you reside.
  • We are not a law firm so we cannot provide you with legal advice.

To take advantage of this service send an email with your questions to support@justicexpress.com or use the chat button in the lower right section of this page.  If you have purchased one of our legal form products, please Include your order number.

This service is provided by text only, not by telephone.